H&M Precision Oil & Gas Well Treatment products

H&M Precision "Proprietary Blended" Chemicals

All of our chemicals are blended on-site at our Farmington NM headquarters. This allows us to tailor our chemicals to meet your specific needs. All of our 85 blends have been scientifically engineered by our Master Blender on-site. A brief overview of our chemicals include:


Effective in controlling sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB)  and acid reducing bacteria (ARB) in downhole oilfield applications as well as water disposal systems and pipelines. Also effective in controlling corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Strongly cationic, highly surface active, multi-purpose corrosion inhibitors which can effectively control corrosion by hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Chemicals also include those that are highly dispersible in water and oil solutions that offer good dispersion and protection as well as superior film persistency. Also has an added emulsion breaker to prevent emulsions.


Blends of nonionic surfactants and dispersing agents designed to remove and suspend  inorganic and organic deposits.

Clay Stablizers

Water soluble strongly cationic surfactant and wetting agent. Used as a wetting agent and corrosion inhibitor in water injection systems, producing wells and packer fluids. Also used as a non-emulsifier and clay hydration control agent in acid treatments and frac completions.

H2S Scavengers

Specially designed water soluble amine based compound developed as a H2S Scavenger in water / gas and water / oil systems.

Paraffin Solvents

An oil soluble blend of polymeric paraffin solvents, inhibitors and dispersants. They DO NOT contain carbon disulfide or chlorinated hydrocarbons. They are designed to modify the crystalline structure to prevent paraffin deposition.

Scale Inhibitors

Aqueous blend of organic phosphorous and polymeric scale inhibitors that are thermally stable and reversion to ortho phosphate is negligible.

Scale Removal

A proprietary blend of phosphoric acid, surface active ingredients, and dispersants.

Emulsion Breakers

Solvent-based formulation designed to enhance the separation of water and oil emulsions. The surface active agents will effectively displace solids from the oil emulsion aiding emulsification.

Mutual Solvents

Blend of a co-surfactant and a polar organic solvent which is NOT acid or water soluble. Totally dispersible with all types of acid used in well stimulation.

Oxygen Scavengers

A liquid ammonium bisulfate oxygen scavenger.