H&M Precision Overview

H&M Precision Company Overview

 We are a specialty chemical company and have earned our reputation of excellence with hard work and innovative solutions. Since our inception in November 1995, we have consistently been the front runner in lowering LOE, optimizing production, and customer service. In addition to over 85 blends of proprietary engineered chemicals we also have the capacity and the knowledge to customize a blend to meet your specific needs. Instead of offering a “cookie cutter” version of chemicals, we understand that every well is different and some wells need extra attention to optimize production.

H&M Services & Products Overview

 We also offer specialized services such as Chlorine Dioxide treatment, acidizing, and pressure testing. With our state of the art in house water analysis lab we are able to test & analyze water samples and provide solutions with a very quick turnaround time. We have extensive knowledge and experience in developing innovative programs to mitigate down-hole and pipeline corrosion, scale, water, paraffin’s, emulsion, bacterial growth, and H2S. With our trained team of experts, there is no job too complicated for us to handle.

H&M Precision Customer Focus

H&M Precision Products currently services over XXX wells in the New Mexico Oil & Gas industry. We have recently entered the Ohio, Western Pa, and West Virginia marketplace via the Utical and Marchellus Shale plays.